When her father past away in 2003, Francesca Gori, supported by her sisters, Barbara and Laura, decided to start a new collection of hand-stitched one-of-a-kind handbags, in memory of her father.
Francesca wanted to make something different so, with bright colors and special jewels from all over the world, she started to design her bags that are still unique pieces.

The permanent collection of the “jewel handbags” embroidered by hand by Francesca for the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Foundation was inspired by the antique books of traditional Italian embroidery. The old embroideries of the grandmothers have been reinterpreted on the skins of ostrich, deer and calf and testify to the pleasure of rediscovering an antique creative ritual and the desire to relive magical childhood memories. The soft skins are made more precious with the embroideries, now transformed into fields of flowers or a constellation, suggesting delightful visual narrations, always creating innovative handbags.

Curiosity and taste for experimentation drive Francesca to a never-ending search of new incentives from which new projects are created, like the collection of handbags that took form from the Chinese necklaces of the Miao ethnic group and from the skins of alligator or crocodile, which inspired her in the creation of bags cut on the basis of the shape of the skin and objects found in the most unexpected antique markets. Unique pieces with an exotic taste. Each time new and different for the combination of jewels-skins-embroidery.

La linea Francesca Gori
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