7971CLO - Alligator Mississipiensis Backpack

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Hand stitched creation by Francesca Gori.

Francesca Gori is happy to present her special collection of unique pieces made of alligator mississipiensis skin. Each one of these bags features a special handle which is a piece of an antique hand hammered Chinese necklace that comes from the Miao Minority. First, Francesca adjusts the alligator skin on the necklace without using any patterns. For this reason each bag has always a different shape which makes the bag it a one-of-a-kind  unique piece. 

*Actual bags available for sale are listed specifically among the options and displayed in the Product Photo gallery. If you wish to order a specific combination of colors that is not listed, please contact us at info@ScuolaDelCuoio.com and we'll be glad to consider your request.

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